Kew Gardens, London

Kew Gardens, London

Summer is now in full swing and this gorgeous weather looks like it’s here to stay. As my mother used to say, “It’s far too nice to stay indoors, go outside and play!” So this week that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve been desperate to go and explore the gardens for years now. I nearly got the opportunity to go when I was younger on a school trip but I was ill so couldn’t. So Kew Gardens has always been this magical mystery to me! But this week I finally went…

Kew Gardens, London

Having not done a huge amount of research before going, we headed straight for the iconic Palm House, for a tropical tour inside.

Kew Gardens, London

Have you ever seen so many palm trees? No, me neither. Not to mention how many different types in one place, who even knew that this many types of palm trees existed? For those of you who are craving that tropical holiday, this greenhouse can literally fulfil those needs for you. When you walk inside, you are instantly hit by the humidity.

Also the hazy backgrounds aren’t the camera having a funny turn, but it’s actually the hot steam that’s continuously pumped into the conservatory to replicate a rainforest environment.

Kew Gardens, London

Where there’s a staircase, I have to climb it to see where it goes…

Kew Gardens, London

Plus, I sort of enjoyed the idea that it looked like I was in the set of Jurassic Park!

Kew Gardens, London

If you remember your science lessons, heat rises. Boy do you feel it. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that by the time we reached the balcony at the top, there was a lot of beading going on. Some may call it a glow… (I would call it a fully clothed sauna session, but hey, people pay good money for that!)

Can you spot the hoards of people piling to the top? No! That’s because we seemed to be the only ones stupid enough to want to see the birds eye view…Oh and to get the obligatory Instagram pictures!

Kew Gardens, London

I’ve put these two photos in to show quite how humid it was around the balcony. We had to wipe the camera lens as it had steamed up so much!

Kew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, London

Next stop: The Hive. This is a temporary structure at Kew, for this summer only. The sculpture represents the journey of the honey bee and is made up from a whopping 170,000 parts and 1,000 LED lights. I would have loved to have stayed till the evening to watch it light up. If you get a chance to see The Hive at night, please send me your pictures, I would love to see!

Kew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, London

After stopping for lunch and refuelling, we went in search of the Treetop Walkway. If you’re scared of heights don’t do this, I’m a fan of tall buildings and climbing up towers but this actually wobbles with the wind and the grates that you walk along seem a little flimsy, although I knew I was perfectly safe (I trust it was…) if you’re with a companion of a nervous disposition, this is not for you!

Kew Gardens, London

FUN FACT: The Treetop Walkway measures 18 metres high and 200 metres around, and has 118 steps.

Kew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, London

Last but not least, we went to explore the Kew Palace. Isn’t this building that of a childhood dolls house? I feel like this was dreamt up by a little girl playing house. Either way, I love it, and want to live here!

Kew Gardens, LondonKew Gardens, London

Top Tips:

-There are 4 entrances to Kew. If like me you’re planning on meeting friends there, make sure you’ve decided where to meet in advance as we spent a lot of time trying to find each other. Trust me, the place is big!

-The palm house is an absolute must, but possibly best to leave it until last. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was dripping in sweat when we left, it’s hot hot hot inside!

-Make a day of it and take a picnic with you. Although lovely, the sandwiches are not anything special and not worth the £6.50 that they charge. Also, there are so many wonderful picnic locations, so it seems a shame not to enjoy the lawns.

-Wear comfortable shoes, your’ll be doing lots of walking! It’s the perfect non gym day, day out.

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