Personalised World Pin Board Map


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Beautifully illustrated 'The Big Wide World' pin board map, which you can personalise with colourful push pins to remember your own special adventures.

This map makes the perfect gift for the travel enthusiast, whether it’s to record the places they have been or the places they would love to visit.

Our maps provide an individual record of your travels. They offer you the chance to reminisce about past travels and the perfect opportunity to plan new trips: All those places and destinations on your bucket list.

Coloured push pins identify different destinations and events such as; holidays with friends, your engagement or wedding and even places you may have lived.

A pack of 100 push pins in assorted colours are included with every travel map. 

What’s included with a framed purchase:

  • Framed pin board map in your size and colour option.
  • Pack of 100 push pins in assorted colours to record your travels on the map
  • Instructions of how to add push pins to your travel map

What’s included with an unframed purchase:

  • Pin board map in your size and colour option mounted onto 5mm foam board
  • Pack of 100 push pins in assorted colours to record your travels on the map

Map options:

The 'The Big Wide World' pin board is available in either black or white and comes in four standard sizes; small (A3), medium (A2), large (A1) and extra large (A0). When selecting a framed print option your map will come framed in the matching colour. For example, a black travel map with white lines will arrive framed with a black frame.

Made from:

The map design is printed onto 5mm thick foam board, with a matte coat. This gives a high quality finish and holds the push pins firmly. The print can be mounted into a perspex glazed box frame or a standard frame with no glazing. With the glazed box framed option the map can be easily removed from the frame to add new pins as your adventures continue. The maps and frames are British made.


  • Small (A3) Framed Print: 32.5 x 45 x 3.5cm
  • Medium (A2) Framed Print: 45 x 62.5 x 3.5cm
  • Large (A1) Framed Print: 62.5 x 87 x 3.5cm
  • Extra Large (A0) Framed Print: 127.8 x 87.3 x 3.5cm