Today is our 5th Birthday! – Louisa Elizabeth


Today is our 5th Birthday!

And that is a milestone worth celebrating!
I'm feeling a little nostalgic!
Did you know? 
I drew my first world map as a gift for the man who has everything! (We all know someone like that right!?)
Little did I know, you'd love them as much as I do!
Five years ago today on 10th November 2014, I sent my hand-drawn pin board maps out into the world and launched on Not on The High Street. Five years on and we’re still very proud to be a Not On The High Street Partner.
By February 2015, the Louisa Elizabeth website was live and taking orders.
📍In 5 years, I've exhibited at 24 shows and opened 1 pop up shop in London. I’ve done the math and that is 21,239 miles travelled around the UK alone.

📍I've designed over 3,000 map orders. That’s about 750 hours spent personalising your map designs ready to be sent to our manufacturers so they can be made into your pin board maps and I have LOVED every second of it!

📍We have made and delivered our maps to 6 of the 7 continents. Still waiting on that order for Antarctica!

📍We have individually packed and sorted over 300,000 pins by hand into our pin boxes to be included in every pin board order.

📍I've put 29 new pins on my own pin board map. I'm a self-confessed travel addict, and besides who doesn't love a weekend break to the countryside!