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  • Digital Detox

    It’s very trendy to eat clean and stay active. But what about cleaning your mind? Running Louisa Elizabeth means I am tuned into my computer or phone most hours of every day. Needless to say, every now and again, I NEED a digital detox. Yes, that’s right, no wifi, no phone signal and no electricity! Daunting though it sounds, I decided to go cold turkey for three days and cut myself off from the outside world.

  • Mum’s Marvellous Meatballs

    As it’s Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ve gone back to my parents as my lovely mum has agreed to teach me how to cook a family favourite!  If you know me you’ll know that Italy and I are like 2 peas in a pod because let’s face it, Italians know good food… and mamma mia does my mum know how to cook! 

  • How to visit Munich in a day!

    Yes, it’s possible… I wouldn’t have believed it either, but with a little research before we went and a cut-throat attitude to narrowing down our t...
  • Today is our 5th Birthday!

    And that is a milestone worth celebrating! I'm feeling a little nostalgic! Did you know?    I drew my first world map as a gift for the man who ha...